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     Applicant must meet one of the following qualifications for membership in order to be considered:

    1. HR degree-Applicant holds an HR degree or has one year experience in HRM and seeks a full-time HR position.
    2. Faculty position-Applicant is a full-time faculty member who has taught HRM courses for at least one year.
    3. Job function-Applicant holds a job that primarily involves HR functions, specialized or generalized.
    4. Certification-Certified by the HR Certification Institute.
    5. Attorney-Full-time attorneys with at least one year of experience counseling and advising clients on matters relating to the human resource profession.
    6. Student-Applicant must be a student either part-time or full-time at a local university majoring in Human Resource Management.

     A member must also fulfill the financial requirements of the Chapter.  Membership in the chapter is held in the individual’s name, not an organization with which the member is affiliated.

     Membership in the chapter is available to all eligible applicants without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or other status protected by law. All applications shall be reviewed by the Vice President of Membership and submitted to  the Board of Directors for approval at the next scheduled Board meeting. Approved applicants will be notified approximately one week after the Board meeting which is normally held the first Thursday of each month.

    All-inclusive Membership (includes all membership services including all membership meeting meals):
    $130.00 Annual membership for National SHRM members
    $140.00   Annual membership for non-SHRM members

    Basic Membership (includes all membership services except meals, which are additional):
    $65.00 Annual membership for National SHRM members
    $75.00 Annual membership for non-SHRM members
    $10.00 Per Breakfast Meeting
    $15.00 Per Lunch Meeting
    $20.00 Per Dinner Meeting
    (All meeting reservations must be made online. Your online prepayment via PayPal will confirm your reservation.)

    Student Membership (ineligible to vote or serve on the Board):
    $25.00 Annual membership
    $15.00 Per Meeting attended 

    Guest Fees (limited to two meetings per year):
    $15.00 Per Breakfast Meeting
    $20.00 Per Lunch Meeting
    $30.00 Per Dinner Meeting
    (All meeting reservations must be made online. The online prepayment of your guest fees via PayPal will confirm your reservation.)

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