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AUM College of Business Experiential Learning Opportunities

    April 23, 2019

    Kimberly M. Johnson, Ph.D.

    Associate Dean

    College of Business, Student Engagement and Success Auburn University at Montgomery



     Cooperative Education

     Cooperative education, or “co-op,” is a unique partnership among employers, students and the university that combines classroom studies with professional work experience. Co-op positions are typically paid experiences in which students work for a minimum of two semesters on either the alternating or parallel work schedule. Co-op positions must be directly related to a student’s major.



     An internship is generally a single semester work experience (paid or unpaid) that offers students an opportunity to engage in further career exploration. Internships for academic credit must be directly related to a student’s major.



     In a job-shadowing situation, students observe professionals on the job, ask questions and gain a better understanding of a career. The intent of these informal relationships is to offer students a glimpse at a typical workday within a career.



     Mentoring serves to supplement student knowledge through one-on-one interactions with professionals in the field. Mentors are encouraged to advise, inform, clarify and empower students to achieve their educational and professional goals. Through mentoring, students gain firsthand knowledge of the trends, realities and expectations of their chosen career field.


    To express an interest in one of the experiential opportunities, please complete the application request below. For more information contact the Office of Student Engagement and Success at 334-244-3398 or<>.