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    Sponsoring SHRM Montgomery programs and conferences is a great way to inform and educate chapter members about your organization. It is an excellent opportunity to get your company or organization networked with the community and with those who may be in a position to engage your organization's services to improve or advance their own efforts. Let SHRM Montgomery help get your organization engaged with potential clients.  Shop available sponsorship packages and apply below.  

    Sponsorship is Subject to the Following Guidelines:

    • Sponsors should conduct business within a company that supports or relates to the HR profession.
    • Direct selling of goods or services, or prospecting of meeting attendees at SHRM Montgomery meetings is strictly prohibited.
    • Payment via check, money order or Paypal must be made no later than 21 days in advance of the sponsored event.  If paying with check or money order, mail payment to PO Box 231056 Montgomery, AL 36123.

    Sponsorship Application

    Sponsorship Level